Anti Virus

Antimalware and Vaccine for USB devices

Panda Security, leading IT security provider, offers users Panda USB Vaccine, a free security solution designed to block malware which spreads through removable drives such as pen drives, CD/DVDs, MP3 players, etc

To prevent this, Panda Security, through its Panda Research division, has developed Panda USB Vaccine, a free product which offers a double layer of preventive protection, allowing users to disable the AutoRun feature on computers as well as on USB drives and other devices.

This is a very useful tool as there is no simple way of disabling the AutoRun feature in Windows. This provides users with a simple way of disabling this feature, offering a high degree of protection against infections from removable drives and devices.


File Size: 829KB
OS: 2000/XP/Vista may work on others
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