Email Scams

Latest Apple email scam reckoning to be from Apple Support. Apple will always call you by your name in any emails.


Email Title  Apple Help
Date Recieved  13/11/2015
Email Body

Apple ID: ****@**********
Ticket ID: KYC148874

Your security is important to Apple and always has been. We are writing to you this afternoon in reference to your Apple ID ****@********** and it's use of services including iCloud, iTunes, App Store and new services like Apple Pay. We are required by the Financial Investigations Unit (FIU) regulations to conduct Know your Customer ID check in order verify the identity of our members.

Please be aware that until you complete a full identity check (KYC) you will be restricted pending termination within 48 hours of this notice. This process helps us provide our best service, and ensures minimal disruptions to your Apple services. Security and privacy are fundamental to our service.

Complete KYC Verificationv for ****@**********

Proceed to your Apple Profile

Apple KYC Team

Link 1****@**********