Email Scams

Received today from a site user, obviously a scam as the person does not use Apple or iCloud. Apple and iCloud will always call you by your account name.


Email Title Apple and iCloud ID
Date Received 28th December 2015
Email Body You have not yet confirmed your Apple ID admin @ ******** and
it's now pending removal from all associated iCloud.
Apple ID: admin @ *********
Customer ID: 6338998
To comply with mandatory EU legislation and to confirm your identity, we
need to fully verify your Apple account. You can do this by visiting Apple
Store with a valid form of ID or electronically as long as all the
information you have provided is correct. To complete this online please
proceed to login with your Apple/iCloud ID below. @ **********

We apologize for any inconveniences that may result from this necessary
process however we are required to verify our customers details because of
recent changes in Know your Customer EU regulations.
Apple Helpdesk
Link 1 @ **********